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Tel: 303-530-5400  |  Email: info@elementbistroboulder.com

Element Bistro  6315 Lookout Rd, Boulder CO 80301



Mon - Thurs 11am - 9pm

Fri - Sat 11am - 10pm

Sun 12pm - 9pm

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About Element Bistro

Our Facility


We are a full service, casual dining establishment with full bar amenities both inside and out. Our ground level indoor dining room will seat about 100 guests and boasts a beautiful stone clad fireplace and the best restaurant view of the flatirons in Boulder County. The dining room is designed to accommodate multiple large and small parties simultaneously.  With free parking and an artfully landscaped community plaza for bike parking and lounging in the sun we welcome pedestrian and bicycle traffic alike.  We feature a well-appointed indoor bar area that accommodates about 35 people and an attached ground level patio which can seat another 30-35.



We feature a rooftop bar/dining area with spectacular front range views.   This area accommodates an additional 100 guests.  We will feature an adult playground on the rooftop where guests can play backyard games.  The 30-foot long polished concrete bar top with inlaid illuminated glass and fiber optic constellation front, will be a great evening feature where guests can enjoy happy hour and then observe stunning sunsets followed by a leisurely cocktail/dining experience.  For cooler evenings the covered, heated rooftop patio is equipped with two fire pits and accompanying lounge seating.  In addition to our restaurant floor plan we will offer a banquet space that will accommodate up to 90 guests and can be divided in half to serve two groups of up to 45 concurrently with state of the art A/V capability.



Our Philosophy


We believe that hospitality, culinary arts, design, natural beauty and passion for what we do are all components that contribute to the “Element” experience.  The name Element Bistro is a reflection of that thinking.  Our objective with guest service is to use all of these “elements” in concert by weaving them into the fabric of our approach in order to create an unparalleled guest experience.



Our Food


Our founders have been immersed in epicurean culture for over 25 years.  Our aim is to ensure that our passion for great food is reflected in our wide range of offerings.  From a simple burger to an exquisite game or fish entree everything we create consistently exudes our love for what we do!  We also offer an eclectic blend of classics that have been elevated to an artisan level. From creative sharables to on trend specials our fare is representative of the collective creativity of our market and in many ways transcends that of our regional peers. 


Our Operating Directives

We believe that social, environmental, and fiscal influences weigh in on all of our business decisions and activities and we strive to achieve balance in all three areas in order to maintain a sustainable business model that enhances and supports the community within which it resides.  Symbiosis and synergy are created when communities work in harmony with mutual respect and stewardship. Therefore we will source locally, when safe and high quality proteins and produce are available as well as make a concerted effort to minimize the carbon footprint in production and distribution of all items that we source.  We will strive to procure only humanely raised and responsibly harvested proteins, eggs and seafood.  We will maintain a full complement of composting, recycling and refuse management programs.  We will minimize our use of resources with the most advanced and efficient energy, chemical and water management systems available. We will also partner with local schools, civic groups and charitable organizations to provide fundraising opportunities for these groups. For us it is essential to be a positive impact on our community!